HP EliteBook 645 14 Notebook Drivers Download For Windows 11

By | May 11, 2023

HP EliteBook 645 14 inch G9 Notebook PC, Most Recent HP Notebook Software and Drivers Download for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

HP EliteBook 645 14 inch G9 Notebook Driver Downloads and Software For Microsoft Windows 11

The HP EliteBook 645 14 inch G9 Notebook is a high-performance laptop designed for professionals and businesses. It features a 14-inch display and is powered by the latest AMD Ryzen™ processor, providing fast and reliable performance for demanding applications.

The notebook also comes with a range of security features, including HP Sure Start, HP Sure Click, and HP Sure Sense, which protect your device from cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Other features of the HP EliteBook 645 14 inch G9 Notebook include a long battery life, fast charging capability, and a durable design that can withstand daily wear and tear. Overall, this laptop is a great choice for professionals who need a powerful and secure device to help them get their work done.

Driver Details For HP EliteBook 645 14 G9:

Compatible Microsoft Windows Systems:

  • Windows 11 version 21H2 (64-bit)
  • Windows 11 version 22H2 (64-bit)
HP BIOS and System Firmware (U77/U87)01.11.00 Rev.A25.89 MBDownload
HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI8.9.0.0 Rev.A62.74 MBDownload
HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Microsoft Windows2.1.0.0 Rev.A349.23 MBDownload
Download HP Thunderbolt Dock G2 – Firmware1.0.71.1 Rev.B10.66 MBDownload
HP Thunderbolt Dock G4 – Firmware and Utility1.4.16.0 Rev.A12.50 MBDownload
HP USB-C Dock G5 – Firmware1.0.18.0 Rev.A11.69 MBDownload
HP USB-C Dock G5-Audio Driver Download6.3.9600.205 Rev.B22.89 MBDownload
HP USB-C G5 Essential Dock – Firmware01.00.06.00 Rev.A12.23 MBDownload
HP USB-C/A Universal Dock G2 – Firmware1.1.18.0 Rev.A11.35 MBDownload
Realtek USB Audio Driver Download for HP Thunderbolt Dock G26.3.9600.250 Rev.A12.57 MBDownload
Download Realtek HD Audio Driver22.9462.7919.67 Rev.N318.71 MBDownload
AMD Chipset Driver and Software4.11.24.433 Rev.B1.38 MBDownload
HP Application Enabling Software Driver Download1.46.3053.0 Rev.A8.36 MBDownload
AMD Video Driver and Control Panel31.0.12026.8002 Rev.W750.17 MBDownload
DisplayLink Graphic Driver10.2.7042.0 Rev.A56.84 MBDownload
ELAN Fingerprint Sensor Driver3.2.12011.10054 Rev.A1.59 MBDownload
HP Hotkey Support – UWP8.10.36.54 Rev.A15.89 MBDownload
HP Universal Camera Driver2022.0.19041.6 Rev.A60.89 MBDownload
All Docks – Ethernet Driver/Realtek2.0.1.1 Rev.A0.73 MBDownload
Intel XMM 7560R+ LTE-A Pro Drivers0.5.100.865 Rev.A35.40 MBDownload
NXP NFC NPC300 Proximity Driver12.0.6.0 Rev.W0.66 MBDownload
Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 Bluetooth Adapter Driver2.0.0.453 Rev.A0.89 MBDownload
Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 WiFi 6E CX-based WLAN Driver2.0.0.775 Rev.A3.68 MBDownload
Realtek Ethernet Controller Drivers10.60.615.2022 Rev.A1.17 MBDownload
Realtek Ethernet Controller Drivers – DCHU- CMIT- NB (QTA)1166.10.720.2022 Rev.A1.11 MBDownload
Realtek RTL8xxx Series Bluetooth Driver1.9.1051.3004 Rev.S1.88 MBDownload
Realtek RTL8xxx Wireless LAN Drivers1.0.0.219 Rev.S17.58 MBDownload
Alcor Micro Smart Card Reader Driver Download1.9.17.2308 Rev.A0.69 MBDownload
HP MAC Address Manager1.1.19.1 Rev.A3.15 MBDownload
HP Notifications1.1.28.1 Rev.A16.99 MBDownload
HP Power Manager3.1.3.0 Rev.A179.85 MBDownload
HP Privacy Settings1.1.54.0 Rev.A133.92 MBDownload
HP Programmable Key (SA) Rev.B50.59 MBDownload
HP Smart Health2.3.201.0 Rev.A2.32 MBDownload
HP Support Assistant9.20.22.0 Rev.A165.99 MBDownload
Poly Lens1.1.20 Rev.A132.64 MBDownload
System Default Settings1.4 Rev.165.16 MBDownload
myHP with HP Presence10.52240.373.0 Rev.A327.57 MBDownload
HP Connection Optimizer2.0.19.0 Rev.A8.78 MBDownload
Realtek DASH Client Utility5.1.2.2202 Rev.N11.43 MBDownload
HP Sure Recover agenthpcr- Rev.A652.15 MBDownload
HP Sure Run5.0.3.29 Rev.a4.14 MBDownload
HP Wolf Security Console11.0.19.378 Rev.A59.36 MBDownload
HP Wolf Security for Business4.4.2.1075 Rev.A394.38 MBDownload
✅ For detail drivers please visit HP Official Site (here)

Here are some tips on what to keep in mind when using the HP EliteBook 645 G9 Notebook:

  1. Keep the laptop clean: Make sure to clean the keyboard, touchpad, and screen regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that can damage the laptop’s surface.
  2. Avoid extreme temperatures: Do not expose the notebook to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. This can damage the battery and other internal components and shorten the life of your computer.
  3. Protect the laptop from physical damage: The HP EliteBook 645 G9 Notebook is a rugged laptop designed to withstand accidental bumps and drops, but it’s still important to protect it from physical damage. Use a laptop case or sleeve to protect it when not in use and be careful when handling it.
  4. Use the laptop on a flat surface: Avoid using the laptop on soft surfaces, such as a bed or sofa, as this can block the air vents and cause the laptop to overheat. Always use the laptop on a flat, stable surface.
  5. Keep the laptop up-to-date: Regularly update the operating system and drivers to ensure that the laptop is running smoothly and has the latest security features.
  6. Use antivirus software: Install a reputable antivirus and run occasional virus scans to protect the laptop from viruses and other malware.
  7. Avoid liquid spills: Keep liquids away from the laptop, as spills can cause serious damage to the internal components.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your HP EliteBook 645 G9 Notebook stays in good condition and continues to perform well over time.

Thank you for downloading your printer drivers from our hpnotebookspc.com and visiting the HP EliteBook 645 G9 Notebook PC Driver.

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