HP Pavilion Plus 14 inch Laptop PC 14-eh1000 Driver and Download

By | March 1, 2024

HP Pavilion Plus 14 inch Laptop PC 14-eh1000, Most Recent HP Notebook Software and Drivers Download for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

HP Pavilion Plus 14 inch Laptop PC 14-eh1000 Driver and Software Downloads

HP Pavilion Plus 14 inch Laptop PC 14-eh1000 is a laptop that is part of HP’s Pavilion series. Here are some key features:

  1. Processor: Usually offers Intel or AMD processor options. It may have one of the high-performance processors.
  2. Memory: Usually comes with 8GB or more of RAM. This provides enough memory to multitask or run intensive applications.
  3. Storage: May offer hard disk or SSD storage options. SSDs provide faster performance and allow the laptop to boot up faster and load applications faster.
  4. Screen: It has a screen size of 14 inches. It typically offers a high-resolution display, so you can get clear and vivid images.
  5. Graphics: Usually have integrated graphics cards. It may be sufficient for basic graphics operations, but may offer lower performance for graphics-intensive applications such as gaming or graphic design.
  6. Ports: Various USB ports, video outputs such as HDMI or DisplayPort, audio jacks, and other ports may be present.
  7. Operating System: It usually comes with the latest operating systems from Microsoft such as Windows 10 or Windows 11.
  8. Design: Follows the general design line of the HP Pavilion series. It can have a thin and lightweight design, which provides an advantage in terms of portability.
  9. Battery Life: Typically offers average battery life. It may vary depending on usage.
  10. Additional Features: Additional features such as fingerprint reader, face recognition feature, illuminated keyboard may be available.

Driver and Software Details For HP Pavilion Plus 14 inch Laptop PC 14-eh1000

Supported Microsoft Windows System:

  • Microsoft Windows 11 (64-bit)
HP Pavilion Plus 14 inch Laptop PC 14-eh1000 All Drivers ListsVersionFile SizeDownload Link
HP Notebook System BIOS Update (AMD Processors).exeF.07 Rev.A26.13 MBDownload
HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel Processors).exeF.09 Rev.A15.72 MBDownload
Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver.exe6.0.9496.1 Rev.A134.59 MBDownload
Intel Gaussian and Neural Accelerator Driver.exe3.0.0.1457 Rev.A0.83 MBDownload
Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver.exe10.1.19199.8340 Rev.A0.87 MBDownload
Intel Serial IO Driver.exe30.100.2237.26 Rev.A1.29 MBDownload
Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver.exe2247.3.5.0 Rev.A13.99 MBDownload
Intel Dynamic Tuning Driver.exe9.0.11200.30652 Rev.A5.11 MBDownload
Intel Human Interface Device (HID) Event Filter Driver.exe2.2.2.1 Rev.A0.84 MBDownload
Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver).exe31.0.101.4575 Rev.C312.65 MBDownload
NVIDIA Graphics Driver.exe31.0.15.2892 Rev.C921.70 MBDownload
Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver.exe31.0.101.4032 Rev.A412.47 MBDownload
Synaptics Precision Touchpad Filter Driver.exe19.5.35.94 Rev.A5.28 MBDownload
Synaptics Fingerprint Sensor Driver.exe6.0.62.1111 Rev.A1.76 MBDownload
Intel Bluetooth Driver.exe22.250.0.2 Rev.A2.92 MBDownload
Intel WLAN Driver.exe22.240.0.6 Rev.A12.36 MBDownload
Realtek RTL8xxx Wireless LAN Drivers.exe1.0.0.221 Rev.S9.75 MBDownload
Realtek RTL8xxx Series Bluetooth Driver.exe1.9.1051.3004 Rev.S1.82 MBDownload
Realtek Card Reader Driver.exe10.0.22621.21360 Rev.A2.44 MBDownload
Western Digital SSD Firmware Update.exeHPS4/HPS4T/HPS2 Rev.A8.88 MBDownload
Kioxia SSD Firmware Update.exeHP02AN00 Rev.A3.54 MBDownload
HP Support Assistant.exe9.28.34.0 Rev.A170.97 MBDownload
HP Connection Optimizer.exe2.0.20.0 Rev.A4.11 MBDownload
SDK Pack for HP Command Center.exe1.1.28.0 Rev.A1.73 MBDownload
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